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Web 3/ Metaverse

The Yell-Air Brand is building in the metaverse.

Awesomeisjayell, a.k.a. The Biggest Music Artist in the Metaverse is now accepting opportunities for the following offerings:

  • Share your NFT Project with an exclusive Interview on The Awesomeisjayellll Show!
  • Mint Awesomeisjayell’s Music NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain right now!
  • Advertise on The Awesomeisjayell Show
  • Partner with The Awesomeisjayell Brand for sponsored content on social media, product placements, and more!
  • Book Awesomeisjayell to Host Your Next Event in the Metaverse!

View The Official Awesomeisjayell Pitch Deck 2022